Isru Chag Shavuot on The Moshav

Monday June 13th: Fun activity for Isru Chag

Receiving of the Torah and Ahavat Chinam (free, unconditional love). Celebrating Shavuot through the spirit of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach at Moshav Mevo Modiin. 

9:00-10:00: Gathering in the charming pastoral Chai Goat Farm for a morning snack. The visitors will have the opportunity to feed the animals, milk the goats, experience and learn the process of cheese making and more. 

10:00-12:00: Short tour of the Beit Kenesset which is covered in beautiful hand painted walls portraying the unique and colorful way of life of the Moshav as a whole. where we will learn about the warm and loving Torah, philosophy and outstanding life and influence of Reb Shlomo. 

There we will meet with the local artist who single handedly painted the images, Yitshak Ben Yehuda. He will share his remarkable life story and journey and discovery of his Jewish descent. We will then step out and join hands to create a communal painting. 

Following the completion of our work of art the children will go on a short trail to visit the ancient ruins discovered as a result of a landing rocket. 

The adults will visit the future Carlebach center, which had recently become the home of Shlomo’s remarkable personal book collection. There Leah Golomb, one of the first to settle on the Moshav and a close student of Shlomo’s, will give over a short Torah through her exceptional style of teaching of deep spiritual lessons giving over with her personal and outstanding warmth, sense of humor and wisdom. 
We will then have some refreshing watermelon for dessert. 


Visit at Chai Goat Farm: 40 NIS a person (ages two and up)

Tour and activities: 20 NIS per child, 40 NIS per adult

The activities are suitable for both families and single visitors. 
You have the possibility to begin with the activities beginning at 10:00 
You must sign up prior to the visit no later then the coming in of Shabbat on Friday the 6th of June. 
To sign up and for any further questions please contact Elnatan at 0547240028
“קבלת תורה ואהבת חינם” – חג שבועות ברוח הרב שלמה קרליבך ,במבוא מודיעים.
יום שני 13/6 –
9.00-10.00 השכמה ב”משק חי”,פינה קסומה של טבע .חליבת עיזים,האכלת חיות המשק ,טיפים על גיבון ועוד .שתיה וכיבוד מובטחים.
סיור בבית הכנסת המיוחד שביישוב,שם נשמע ,בקצרה, על תורתו ,דרך חייו והשפעתו על היהדות העכשווית.
בבית הכנסת המעוטר בציורי קיר ,נפגוש את האמן שצייר אותם, יצחק בן יהודה ,נשמע ממנו את הסיפור המדהים על גילוי יהדותו ,וביחד נצא לצייר ציור ענק במשותף.
נמשיך :הילדים יצאו לפעילות קצרה בעתיקות שנתגלו בזכות קטיושה והמשתתפים הבוגרים יוזמנו לבית מורשת הרב,חדר הספון בספריו.שם תשמיע לנו לאה גולומב ,מותיקות היישוב ,שיעור קצר שכולו נתינה רוחנית חמה ,חכמה ומלאת שמחה.
נקנח באכילת אבטיחים ובטעם מתוק של עוד.
השכמה “במשק חי”- 40 ₪ למשתתף,מגיל שנתיים.
הסיור והפעיליות הנוספות – 20 ₪ לילד,40 ₪ למבוגר.
מתאים למשפחות ולבודדים.
אפשר להצטרף לפעילות גם מהשלב שמתחיל ב10.00 .
בהרשמה מראש בלבד עד יום שישי 10/6,טרם כניסת השבת.
להרשמה וברורים
 אלנתן גולומב טל 0547240

Moshav Country Fair

In an event as popular as the Moshav itself, the Sukkot Fair is back again promising a great event filled with activities for young and old alike.

Festival organizer Leah Sand was jubilant in describing the Festival’s theme: “We invite you to gently tiptoe back three thousand years to the reign of Shlomo HaMelech and, for one day feel, smell, hear, see and taste life in Eretz Yisrael when we were living in peace and harmony.”

Rosh Chodesh Av Women’s Gathering

Rosh Chodesh Av women-gathering at Moshav Me’Or (Mevo) Modi’im

The Tikkun of Hearing

Monday July 28, Aleph b’Av 5774

10.00 Dahlia: yoga- listen to your body and gently stretch her to feel good.
11.00 Me’ira Raanan: Listen very careful to your innervoice.
11.20 Leah Golomb: Vessels to hear HaShems voice- once and forever.
12.10 Miriam Futterman: Listening to subtle messages of our being.
12.50 HALLEL
13.00 Pot-luck lunch- please bring your simple vegetarian dishes to share.
13.15 Rebbetzen Emuna Witt Halevi: rebbe reb Shlomo’s teachings and beyond.
13.45 Or Mc.Lean: Counting starts at seven- The Shmittah-space-ship: we’ll Hear what we can do THIS month to enjoy during Shmitta year!
14.35 What did your father tell you and only now you hear it- sharing in honor of my Fathers’ Yahr-zeit, today.

we are looking for rides from Yerushalayim or share taxi:Leah Rivkah 0523 240 789

Rosh Chodesh Tammuz Women’s Gathering

Rosh Chodesh TAMMUZ women’s gathering at Moshav Me’Or Mod’im     ב”ה

Sun. June 29, Aleph b’TAMMUZ 5774 The tikkun of seeing

10.00 Ilana Rachel Daniel: Yoga- you’ll see you can  do it!
11.00 Mira Raanan: To see and to be seen…
11.30 Leah Golomb: mastering the art of seeing HaShems’ blueprint of our life
12.30 HALLEL- bring your instruments!
12.45 POT-LUCK  LUNCH- please bring your vegetarian dishes!
13.00 rebbetzen Emuna Halevi Witt: Reb Shlomo’s teachings and beyond!
13.30 Sara Naftali: help your hands make what your eyes love to see: Make your own favorite ring.(for 35sh. shht don’t tell anyone!)
14.30 Sharing circle with Shoshanna Lubin

Info: Leah Rivkah Sand Soetendorp 0523 240 789.
Rides: Emuna 0508 629 040

May all our captured soldiers and brothers come home, Now,safe and in health,
May the whole world be good.

Rosh Chodesh Sivan Women’s Gathering

Every month the Moshav hosts a women’s gathering. The next one will take place on Rosh Chodesh Sivan at the Beit Knesset. For more information, check out the Facebook event page, and the full schedule is below.


And for the graphically-disinclined:

Thursday, may 29th, Chaf Tet b’Iyar, the Tikkun of Action

10.00 Dina Solomon & Chana Sara Zeller:Yoga we do together-the strength of action in partners
11.00 . in honor of reb David Zellers’ Yahr-Zeit, Zayin , stories & niggunim b’Sivan.Chana Sara Zeller: the acting of our soul
11.20 Miriam Adani: Tefilat Rachel Imeynu al baney’a- learn the inner insides of Kever Rachel keeper.
12.00 Leah Golomb: Eyt Ratson- vessels to bring light to our prayers.
12.50 Pot-luck-lunch- bring your delightful refreshments!
learn how to make fantastic (un) cheesecake (and how to stay out of the dairy-hypnosis today!)
13.15 Rebbetzen Emuna Witt-HaLevi: Rebbe Reb Shlomo’s teachings from beyond.
13.50 Martine Silver: my journey coming here….
14.30 T’filat HaShla HaKadosh -Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan: Pray for our children, where ever they are.
We will sing together.

15.00 B.H. we will go to Kever Rachel
Teaching at 16.30

May all our captured soldiers and brothers and sisters come home, in health and in joy
May the whole world be good.

rides: Leah Rivkah Sand Soetendorp: 0523 240 789
Emuna Witt –HaLevi: 0508 629040

Rosh Chodesh Iyar women’s gathering


Rosh Chodesh Iyar women gathering at Moshav Me’Or (Mevo) Modi’im

Wednesday April 30, Lammed b’Nissan 5774

The Tikkun of Healing

10.00 Diane Bloomfield: Torah-Yoga- let your body count the Omer!
11.00 Me’ira Ra’anan: Lev & Love- count all what is good….
11.20 Shoshana Harari: the deepest and highest secrets of healing.
12.10 Yehudis Schamroth:down-to-earth-first-aid through herbs & acupuncture.
12.50 HALLEL!

13.05 Pot-luck lunch bring to share all that is healthy and veggy!

13.30 Chaya Samet:meditation in motion:body Psichotherapy and guided visualization
14.00 Leah Golomb: Ani HaShem Rofecha-the inner meaning, learn to listen.

after the gathering (anyone who can) we’ll go to kever Rachel, B.H.

Let us know if you have room in your car, please!

May all our captured soldiers and brothers come home, safe and in health, and may the whole world be good

Contact: 0523 240 789

Rosh Chodesh Shvat Women Gathering

The next monthly Rosh Chodesh Women’s Gathering will be on

Thursday Aleph b’Shvat 5774, jan. 2 2014

The topic is: The tikkun of eating- Water! D’li, Aquarius.

10.00 Ruth Esther Gess: Dance to honor our food (dis)order – When our stomach is happy, we are happy!

11.00 Mira Raanan: Taste and see that G’D is Good.

11.20 Leah Golomb:  the secret of delightful eating revealed by our Holy Masters – insides of Birkat HaMazon.

12.00 Shayna Judelman: take Herbs from our kitchen-cabinet and enchant our food with healing energy, to be a joy for our bodies!

12.30 Elana Freedman: Eating from the Tree of Life.

13.00 HALLEL  ( Bring flutes…)

13.15 Pot-luck  Lunch- bring a taste of Tu b’Shvat-seder!

13.30 Rebbetzen Emuna Halevi Witt: Rebbe Reb Shlomo’s Teachings(and) here and now.

14.00 Zelda Burky: We will put our hands into the earth and plant!

Please let me know  when you have place in your car or if you need one.

May our captured Holy Soldiers and Brothers come home, in health and b’Simcha, and may the whole world be good!

CONTACT: Leah Rivkah Sand Soetendorp 0523 240 789