Rosh Chodesh Av Women’s Gathering

Rosh Chodesh Av women-gathering at Moshav Me’Or (Mevo) Modi’im

The Tikkun of Hearing

Monday July 28, Aleph b’Av 5774

10.00 Dahlia: yoga- listen to your body and gently stretch her to feel good.
11.00 Me’ira Raanan: Listen very careful to your innervoice.
11.20 Leah Golomb: Vessels to hear HaShems voice- once and forever.
12.10 Miriam Futterman: Listening to subtle messages of our being.
12.50 HALLEL
13.00 Pot-luck lunch- please bring your simple vegetarian dishes to share.
13.15 Rebbetzen Emuna Witt Halevi: rebbe reb Shlomo’s teachings and beyond.
13.45 Or Mc.Lean: Counting starts at seven- The Shmittah-space-ship: we’ll Hear what we can do THIS month to enjoy during Shmitta year!
14.35 What did your father tell you and only now you hear it- sharing in honor of my Fathers’ Yahr-zeit, today.

we are looking for rides from Yerushalayim or share taxi:Leah Rivkah 0523 240 789