Rosh Chodesh Tammuz Women’s Gathering

Rosh Chodesh TAMMUZ women’s gathering at Moshav Me’Or Mod’im     ב”ה

Sun. June 29, Aleph b’TAMMUZ 5774 The tikkun of seeing

10.00 Ilana Rachel Daniel: Yoga- you’ll see you can  do it!
11.00 Mira Raanan: To see and to be seen…
11.30 Leah Golomb: mastering the art of seeing HaShems’ blueprint of our life
12.30 HALLEL- bring your instruments!
12.45 POT-LUCK  LUNCH- please bring your vegetarian dishes!
13.00 rebbetzen Emuna Halevi Witt: Reb Shlomo’s teachings and beyond!
13.30 Sara Naftali: help your hands make what your eyes love to see: Make your own favorite ring.(for 35sh. shht don’t tell anyone!)
14.30 Sharing circle with Shoshanna Lubin

Info: Leah Rivkah Sand Soetendorp 0523 240 789.
Rides: Emuna 0508 629 040

May all our captured soldiers and brothers come home, Now,safe and in health,
May the whole world be good.