The DNA Connection – Modern Jews and the Ancient Hebrew

Rabbi Yaakov Kleiman will be coming to Moshav Mevo Modi’im on Wednesday, January 8 at 7:30pm. He will be talking to us about

The DNA Connection – Modern Jews and the Ancient Hebrew

The presentation demonstrates that science and tradition can complement and need not conflict. Of particular interest for Kohanim, however, the DNA research relates to all the Jewish people.

Topics include:

  • Discovery and significance of the ‘Cohen-Gene’
  • DNA conformation of the Middle-Eastern origin of the Jewish Diaspora
  • Tracing the Biblical Mothers’ lineages
  • ‘Lost Tribes’- Found?

Program is an approximately 60 minute presentation, followed by questions,
flexible to the situation and group. Rabbi Kleiman can be reached at (972-2) 626-0632 for more information.

About Rabbi Kleiman:
He is the Director of The Center for Kohanim in Jerusalem, His presentations have been well received at Jewish Genealogical Societies, Barnes and Noble Booksellers, Young Israel congregations, Stern College, Aish haTorah in Toronto and Jerusalem, at JLE in London, and at numerous Jewish Book Fairs.

“DNA & TRADITION“ – excerpts from the book reviews

“Rabbi Yaakov Kleiman has written a brief, clear, wide ranging and accurate description of the use of DNA analysis to trace the origin and dispersion of the Jewish People. … a significant accomplishment.”
Dr. Edward Simon, Prof. of Biology, Purdue University
Jewish Action, Magazine of the OU

“Whether or not genetics is your forte, DNA & Tradition has an element of interest for everyone, including for the scientifically challenged, like myself… a history of Kohanim, an overview of the Jewish Exile, various accounts of Lost Tribes, and many interesting tidbits about the origins of Jewish names… ”
Rena Rosenblum, The Jerusalem Post

‘Levi’s Genes’ – Simon Rocker meets an Orthodox rabbi who believes that the biblical account of Jewish ancestry is being confirmed by scientific research… London Jewish Chronicle